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10 Mar 19

The first of 500,000 new bulbs emerge

A sea of early-flowering purple crocus creates the first splash of colour in the area known as the plats, with a wow factor inspired by our 17th century predecessors.

A lawn filled with crocuses at Ham House and Garden, near Richmond, West London

17 Oct 18

The bulbs go in

Planting half a million bulbs is not something you tend to do every day! Luckily we have the help of a friendly bulb expert who uses a specialist digger to safely and swiftly put them all in place.

A specialist mechanical digger plants half a million new bulbs at Ham House in Richmond

01 Oct 18

Preparation began last autumn

The garden team use the autumn to prepare the soil for planting in an area of the walled garden to the south side of Ham House that's over 7,200 m2.

Preparing the pattern of meadow flowers