23 Oct 19

The horse hitching bar re-emerges

The horse hitching bar re-emerged into full view. The area had become somewhat overgrown in recent years with scrub and brambles. This marks the centre of the crossing point of the two tree-lined rides shown in the Capability Brown plan.

Scrub cleared around the horse hitching bar

25 Nov 19

The final phase - chipping

The site is now finally clear! All the accumulated hawthorn scrub and tree debris which had been piled up by the side of the road has now been put through an industrial scale chipper capable of dealing with large diameters. The chipped wood was removed from site in large trucks and will end up as biomass in power stations, to generate electricity. The lake is in clear sight and looking amazing.

cleared scrub waiting to be chipped

02 Dec 19

All clear now

Now that the massed piles of cut scrub have all gone, the full panorama has been revealed. Walk slowly along the road from the bridge towards the main car park to fully appreciate the unfolding view as the road climbs and then dips and turns.

View across cleared area to lake