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09 Jan 20

Sweeping along the contours

We're really getting an idea of what the trail will be like when it is completed, sweeping over the edge of the arable field it will provide spectacular views across the estate.

Multi use trail skirting the edge of the Woodland Belts

23 Dec 19

Turning the corner

The arable field has proved a challenge the Wimpole clay and the wet weather has combined to produce testing working conditions, however the trail keeps emerging from the mud, now reaching Oddy Doddy Road.

A pale stone pathway curving inside of the Woodland Belts

10 Dec 19

Through the Woodland Belts

The section out of the Woodland Belts and into the arable field inside the woods, the ground is very wet here so difficult working conditions, but the trail is emerging, please keep off it whilst it beds in.

Muddy diggers going through mud