Latest updates

27 Feb 20

Week 8

Visitors over the last week will have seen lots of work taking place by the lake, and now it’s time to connect this to the previous work near the House. We’re starting to install the pipes which will bring the warmed glycol (an eco-friendly form of anti-freeze, which prevents the water freezing and helps absorb heat from the lake) from the lake to the heat pumps. We are trenching parallel to the causeway because the most direct route contains a number of important archaeological features that we do not want to disturb. This drone photo from summer 2018 shows some potential garden features, the main drive location, and possibly the foundations of a previous building!

A drone shot of Osterley Park

19 Feb 20

Week 7

Mud has been a challenge for us this week with Storm Dennis making its presence felt, but that doesn’t stop us getting stuck in - sometimes quite literally! All the manifolds have been installed and are in the process of being fusion welded to the heat collectors to create a leak-proof seal. Access to the front of the house has been restored as we now move down the causeway towards the lake. You will be able to see the trenching route in front of the house for a while we allow the ground to settle before we fully restore the tarmac at the end of the project.

Work continues by the lake

12 Feb 20

Week 6

Storm Ciara tried its best but hasn’t put us off this week! Trenching in front of the portico steps is nearly finished and we will spend the next week back-filling and restoring the normal access to the front of the House. This area should be looking back to normal very soon! Work down by the lake is continuing well: the heat collectors, some of which you may have seen floating on the lake, are being connected to their manifolds, which are essentially waterbutts which collect the warmed water before it is funnelled through pipes up to the House.

Work continuing to restore normal access to the Portico steps