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21 Mar 20

The church boundary

Today we uncovered a substantial support buttress in trench one. This confirms the wall we have found is the East end of the church, and it doesn't extend beyond the lawn.

Buttress Trench One

20 Mar 20

Trench two work begins

Day five and we started digging trench two, our first discoveries are within the same type of demolition layer as we found in trench one, including a padlock and Champagne bottle fragments, probably 18th or 19th century.

Champagne bottle

19 Mar 20

A patterned floor?

We've also found more pieces of stained glass, and a piece of medieval floor tile, suggesting that the church floor may have had intricate patterns on it. We've started to prepare trench number two, and have already removed the turf ready to peel back the layers to uncover what lays beneath them. We anticipate finding the potential cloister, and will begin digging in there tomorrow.

Medieval Floor Glazed Tile