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19 Mar 20

The chapel discovered

Today has brought us lots of exciting discoveries, and we've at last got a clear view of the north-south wall of the chapel, which spans the whole length of the test pit we began to excavate on Monday.

Chapel wall under garden wall

19 Mar 20

An unexpected find

Day four and we made a rather unexpected find... the skeleton of a dog! In a corner, next to the garden wall was the complete remains of a dog, and it's carefully buried in such a way that leads us to think it was once a much-loved pet. We're not sure how old this is yet, but we think it possibly dates back to the 18th or 19th century.

Remains of a dog found during the dig at Anglesey Abbey

18 Mar 20

A piece of a puzzle

Day 3 and we've uncovered pieces of a medieval stained-glass window, that made us very excited! We're hopeful that we'll be able to piece the patterned finds together to reveal the bigger pattern in time.

Stained glass found during the archaeological dig at Anglesey Abbey