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17 Jan 20

Dismantling the Stable stall dividers

The East Wing Stable stall dividers are really fascinating. They're elegant structures built using large stones but with timber end posts, which have been cunningly disguised as stone. Some of them require attention as the stones are ‘threaded’ onto vertical iron stays which over time have degraded and rusted, causing expansion and contraction that then fractures the stone. Work has begun to dismantle the dividers in turn, and we will be saving the masonry we can and rebuilding the dividers, having recorded them fully.

The stables at Seaton Delaval Hall

09 Dec 19

One step at a time

Stonemasons have begun the intricate process of in-laying stone repairs to the west spiral staircase, on step ends and indents where historic wear and old repairs have caused issues or damage. Work has continued methodically up the west staircase. We will be moving on to the east stair, with repairs being individually assessed, to ensure these iconic features are safe for the future.

A spiral staircase at Seaton Delaval Hall

28 Nov 19

Reinstating the historic path network

One of the key elements of the project has been to reintroduce some of the path networks that were found on the 1781 estate plan. The first part of the new entrance route, inspired by this plan, leads visitors past the bastion at Visitor Welcome through a restored gateway, and across the landscape to join up with the new Lost Wing Path near the hall.

The new visitor entrance at Seaton Delaval Hall