The Beaufort Military Hospital

Having been persuaded by his mother not to sign up for the army, Stanley joined the Royal Army Medical Corps and was sent to the Beaufort Military Hospital in Bristol as a medical orderly. Stanley endured long hours of hard work, demanding medical staff and the trauma of seeing so many dying and injured men. He found solace in his friendship with a local man, Desmond Chute, who introduced him to the writings of St Augustine’s 'Confessions' and the idea that hard work and service brought one closer to God.

Sandham - Beaufort War Hospital



After almost a year in Bristol, Stanley volunteered for overseas service and was sent to Salonika on the borders of modern-day Greece and Bulgaria. Stanley served as a stretcher bearer, mule tender, and medical orderly in the field hospitals of the campaign. The heat of summer, freezing cold of winter, and constant threat of malaria created hard conditions for all involved, yet Stanley fell in love with the country.


Front line service

Whilst in Salonika, Stanley successfully applied to join the Royal Berkshire regiment and became a regular infantryman seeing active service at the front.