Latest updates

18 Oct 21

Re-pointing works commence to the exterior wall of the fireplace

Over the next two weeks, Heritage Consolidation will be re-pointing the exterior of the Drawing Room chimney breast and bay window. They will be repairing gaps in the mortar and areas where rainwater is able to travel through the brickwork to the Drawing Room fireplace, causing the damage. Heritage Consolidation will be using a lime-based mortar to carry out the repairs. It is porous and will allow the internal moisture to evaporate and let the building dry.

A close up of the re-pointing works to the exterior wall of the House.

17 Jun 21

Stitching the carpet patches into place

At the Rug and Carpet Studio and using the Lenka's map as a guide, conservators embroidered the infills for the carpet with colour-matched wool. These were then stitched into place in the Drawing Room. Once completed the patch will forever be noticeable but this process will strengthen this historic carpet, stop further deterioration and ensure that it is preserved for years to come.

A conservator stitches the embroidered panel into place

14 Jun 21

Stabilising the base weave of the carpet

Today at team of three conservators, Lenka, Jo and Kerri are joining us in the Drawing Room to begin the work to the carpet. Due to the sheer size of the carpet, it cannot be moved so the panels are being stitched into the carpet on site. The first step is stabilising the the base weave for the panel to be stitched on to.

Conservator stitching the baseweave of the carpet to strengthen the areas ready for the patch.