Nature & wildlife in Wales

River meadow at Llanerchaeron in full flower

Find out how we're managing our land for nature in Wales - for ever, for everyone.

Welsh Black cattle grazing in Pembrokeshire heathlan

Our ambitions for land and nature in Wales 

Wales' countryside isn't as rich in nature as it used to be. We've lost over 50% of our wildlife in 50 years. The good news is we can reverse this trend, if we give nature a helping hand. As Europe's biggest conservation charity, we can help make our countryside a better place for wildlife.

Our work in North Wales

Our work in South Wales

Bring back the bees and butterflies
Rare orchids grow in the hay meadow

Magnificent meadows in Wales 

Taking a stroll through a wild meadow at sunrise or sunset in summer is a magical moment. Sadly, around 97% of meadows have been lost since the 1930’s, but through the ‘Save Our Magnificent Meadows’ partnership project, we have revived and restored meadow landscapes across Wales, for everyone to enjoy.

Meet our residents
Dolphins in Llŷn Peninsula

Amazing wildlife in Wales 

Wales is a haven for wildlife, and we have some of the best habitats under our care for them to live in. Whether it's birds, bugs, seals or otters, there's plenty of wildlife secrets just waiting to be discovered.