Outdoors this summer in the South East

People walking on stepping stones at Box Hill

Enjoy the great outdoors this summer with our top tips for walking, picnics and spotting native butterflies

Top family walks

silver studded blue butterfly

How we look after butterflies 

Butterflies are the diva of the insect world. They have the showiest outfits and they can also be incredibly picky about their food and lodgings. Find out how our rangers cater to their whims.

Children enjoying a family picnic at a National Trust beach

Perfect picnics 

Why drop a snack in your backpack when you could make a meal out of it? Gather up your family and friends, pack your favourite summer lunch and seek out the perfect spot to unroll your picnic blanket on a visit to our countryside and gardens in the South East.

Follow in the footsteps of Jane Austen’s Emma, who famously picnicked at Box Hill, or relax on the beach on the Isle of Wight.

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