Dog walking at Derrymore

Dog walking on a lead

Dogs are welcome at Derrymore. We want you and furry companion to enjoy your visit. The garden is ideal for leisurely walk and relaxing in nature. Please help to ensure that all visitors, with or without dogs, can enjoy their day by following these guidelines.

Derrymore, being the only parkland near the centre of Newry, is an excellent spot for walking with your canine companion. We want everyone to enjoy this beautiful spot, so we ask visitors coming with their dogs to follow these guidelines which line with the Countryside Code. 


We kindly request that you keep your dog on a lead at all times while on the estate including in the car park. Not everyone is comfortable around dogs, and while your dog may be well-behaved off lead and friendly towards strangers it's not always the case. Please keep yourself right and keep your dog on a lead during your walk to ensure your safety and enjoyment and that of other visitors.

The ‘Special' bags

As a responsible dog owner you will pick up after your dog ensuring that all visitors who use the estate don’t get mess on their shoes, or on their pram or wheelchair tyres, or even their hands in the case of small children playing.

Useful tip - once full, your ‘special’ bags can be placed in any outdoor bins onsite. This makes Ranger Rosemary very happy and keeps Derrymore looking it’s best.


There are water bowls at the edge of the car park so your canine companion can have a refreshing drink before getting back into your car or walking home.

Farmland and fields

Throughout the year the farmland and fields around Derrymore are occupied by livestock, ground nesting birds and other wildlife. These areas are part of ongoing wildlife conservation projects so we ask that dogs remain on leads and visitors keep to paths during their visit.

Dogs are welcome in all Mid Ulster properties, hope to meet you soon