What are all those red ribbons?

Red ribbon tied around a tree at Dinefwr

At this time of year it’s important to be thankful so we’re using these festive bows to highlight the things that we feel lucky to have under our care.

We are thankful for our White Park Cattle 
Dinefwr is the ancestral home of this majestic and ancient breed making them a living link to our very distant past.
Today, White Park Cattle very rare, in fact there are less than a 1,000 left in the world which makes them more rare than the giant panda. 

We’re thankful for our Ancient Trees     
 Did you know we have 300 trees over 400 years old here on the Dinefwr estate? Included in these trees is our Castle Oak which is said to be the oldest tree on the estate at around 850 years old. 
Our ancient trees provide a fantastic habitat for all manners of wildlife and they’re an important part of our parkland National Nature Reserve status. 

We’re thankful for our wonderful volunteers 
Here in Newton House we have a merry band of flower volunteers who use greenery from the estate to create the fantastic floral displays inside Newton House.

We’re thankful for the original features inside Newton House
Have you seen the stunning 17th century ceilings or the sweeping hand-carved staircase inside Newton House? We’re particularly proud of the fact that these original features still survive for all to enjoy. 
…and thank YOU
Each bow tells a story but the overarching message of thanks goes to our marvellous supporters. 
Every visit, every donation, every cuppa in our tearooms goes further than you think-so thank you, have a very merry Christmas.