A Home from the Past

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Immerse your pupils into this hands on and interactive experience where they can learn what life was like in this Victorian farmhouse.

Pupils will get to explore this fascinating house where every room tells a story.

  • Come dressed for the day as Victorian children.
  • Learn about the Hezlett Family tree and create your own using a quill.
  • Explore the work and equipment on the farm — plant your own seeds.
  • Take on the daily tasks of cooking and washing using our old equipment.
  • Make and bake with us using an old recipe.
  • Play with our Victorian toys.
  • Listen to a Victorian story and have fun with the nursery rhymes.
  • Stitch a personalised school bunting to take back to your classroom.


Suitable for Foundation, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 pupils.      

This programme is curricular linked and helps to enhance the teaching of  “The World Around Us” and "PDMU".  We can focus on whatever topic you are studying in school and will weave this throughout the fabric of the day.

Activities will vary by age and season.