Marvellous Mini-Beasts

Children looking at creatures captured in pots

Immerse your pupils into this hands on and interactive experience where they can learn all about mini-beasts.

Pupils can explore the marvellous world of mini-beasts.

  • Go on a mini-beast hunt.
  • Make a home for  mini-beasts.
  • Play twig towers and other mini-beast games.
  • Listen to the story of “The Hungry Caterpillar” and make a class     caterpillar to take back to school.
  • Make grape caterpillars to eat at snack time.
  • Look at the life cycle of a butterfly through movement.
  • Make a butterfly life cycle with pasta shapes.
  • Sing some bug songs.

Suitable for  Foundation and Key Stage 1 pupils.               

This programme is curricular linked and helps to enhance the teaching of “The World Around Us” and “The Arts”.  We can focus on whatever topic you are studying in school and will weave this throughout the fabric of the day.

Activities will vary by age and season.