About Marc Bucklee

Marc Bucklee
Published : 23 Apr 2018

Find out about Marc Bucklee our Membership and Visitor Welcome Supervisor.

How long have you worked at Downhill and Hezlett House and what is your role here?

I have worked at Downhill and Hezlett for 6 years. I started off volunteering one day at the weekend for my duke of Edinburgh. The next year I had seen the visitor experience role advertised and applied for it. I was lucky enough to get the job, which then was called ‘Visitor experience assistant’. After two years of working in that position a supervisor position was available. I was lucky enough to be appointed to this, and two years later I am still here. My current role here is ‘Membership and Visitor Welcome Supervisor’ where I have the pleasure of looking after the team that meets and greets our visitors’ everyday onto our beautiful site. Any problems that arise during the day with staff or visitors I am there trying to get the best outcome.   

What is your favourite part of the job?

It has to be my office. I am always out and about the Demesne and Hezlett House, interacting with visitors, and when I take a minute to stop and look up, the view is just stunning.  I usually have the task of opening the Mussenden Temple every morning, and just as I turn round the bend at the ruins, the view takes my breath away every time, no matter what the weather.

Best memory of your time in the Trust?

At one of the Easter events here at Downhill Demesne, the day was coming to a close and a team member for cutting edge helicopters approached me.  He came over and offered me a chance to go up in the helicopter for a tour around the Demesne and to see the temple from a different view, out at sea. I jumped at this offered and it was amazing experience, to see.

Why do you think people like to visit Downhill?

It has to be because of the location, where the temple and ruins are situated. With the Mussenden Temple perched right on the edge of the cliff, it is just an amazing location for it, with the back drop of the Downhill beach on one side, then the Portstewart Strand and Castlerock beach on the other.

Tell us 2 interesting facts about yourself!

  • My Grandad works for the National Trust as well and I have learnt a great deal of the history of Hezlett House from him.
  • I volunteer for the Community Rescue Service, which specialises in Lowland Rescue of High Risk Missing People. So on my day off, you can more than likely find me with them.