If Pairing Were Power...

If Pairing Were Power opens at Dudmaston this Spring

Coming soon...a new artwork for Dudmaston, shaped by visitors, made by Faye Claridge.

Last year artist Faye Claridge led 'Shaken and Stirred', a collaborative art project which asked visitors, volunteers and staff to suggest contrasts and links from across the estate. The most popular pairing, suggested by siblings Faye and Jack Holland, has inspired Faye's new project, which is coming to Dudmaston this spring.

A sculpture of two boxing hares and a 17th Dutch painting of 'Two Unknown Girls', both items in Dudmaston's collection, inspired feelings of harmony and conflict in siblings Jack and Faye Holland when they visited the Hall in 2018.

" These objects are about the power of two - together or fighting. We spend most of our time getting along or fighting...there is no middle ground."
- Faye and Jack Holland

Family, children and the question of inheritance has brought both joy and sadness to Dudmaston over the years. This theme will be explored in a brand new art project which is coming to the Hall and garden in April.

The Power of Two: The Boxing Hares and the 17th century painting of the Dutch Flower Girls.
dudmaston shaken and stirred boxing hares tulip girls
The Power of Two: The Boxing Hares and the 17th century painting of the Dutch Flower Girls.

We asked visitors and volunteers to comment on a number of pairings that Faye and the Conservation team presented indoors and out. 'The Boxing Ones' and the painting of the 'Two Unknown Girls' received the most responses and proved to be the most popular pairing.

Supported by funding from the Arts Council and part of the National Trust's programme for Contemporary Arts, Faye Claridge is now working on a brand new art project for Dudmaston, inspired by the pairing of these two objects.

Working together

The project will see Faye working with partners at Ironbridge Gorge Museums Trust to strengthen existing family links between the two heritage sites.

Rachel Labouchere, Dudmaston's last owner and relative of the Darby family, campaigned for the preservation of the industrial heritage of the Severn Valley and served as president of the Ironbridge Gorge Museums Trust for fourteen years. 

Part of the new project will feature replicas of the costumes worn by the two girls in the painting. We're lucky to be working with the talented costume makers at Ironbridge to bring these 17th century dresses to life.

Faye testing printing on aluminium
Dudmaston Trust New Art Faye Claridge aluminium printing
Faye testing printing on aluminium

Coming soon...

If you visit Dudmaston this spring, you may notice a new presence. Playful family photos, an empty bed and a whispered welcome await those who tip toe inside. Keep up to date with project news on our website and social media channels.