The garden is waking up at Dudmaston

magnolia liliiflora flowering in Dudmaston garden. Shropshire

The days are getting longer and the garden at Dudmaston is waking up to welcome you. Stunning displays of rhododendrons, azaleas and daffodils are providing a much needed splash of colour in the garden after the dark days of winter.

It's so refreshing to see some swathes of colour in the garden at Dudmaston. Bluebells are turning the parkland floor into sturnning seas of blue, and our beautiful Magnolia trees are coming into bud.

At this time of year Rhodendrons, Azaleas and Magnolias bloom at Dudmaston, turning the garden into a riot of colour. One of our favourite Azalea is the 'Sappho' which has pure white flowers with a contrasting deep crimpson centre. The garden team cut back the Azalea and Rhodendron bushes two years ago, so they're hoping for an even better display this spring.

Try and see if you can find the Luteum Azalea. If you can't spot its vivd yellow petals at first, follow your nose, its delcious fragrance is sure to stand out.

The fragrant luteum azalea
Luteum Azalea flowering in Dudmaston garden, Shropshire
The fragrant luteum azalea

The magnolia trees are dotted all around the American Garden but try and seek out the stunning magenta Liliiflora variety in the clock tower border.

Bluebells are a favourite at Dudmaston, some of ours hide away under the Snowdrop Tree at the top edge of the American Garden. Stretch your legs and go on one of our estate walks for more opportunities to spot these pretty springtime blooms.

Spend a few moments admiring the fluffy white blossom that's just starting to unfurl in the Orchard. Its creamy pink tones make for a wonderful photo opportunity.