Morfe Walk, Comer Woods

Walking trail

Follow the orange way markers and venture into the heart of the woodland. Pathways slope through ancient trees, amongst productive conifer plantations and along the edges of Brim, Seggy and Wall pools.

Dudmaston comer woods morfe trail running walk autumn


Dudmaston comer woods morfe trail map


Comer Woods car park


Keep the car park on your right as you walk up the red gravel path.


Once you reach Heath Meadow, keep the barns on your left and turn right up the steep pathway, passing the cottages on your left.


Once you reach the top of the hill head straight over into the field, keeping the row of trees on your right.

Dudmaston Comer Woods Morfe trail walk autumn


After a short way you'll come to a cross bar gate on your right. Walk around it and into the next field. Follow this pathway.

Dudmaston comer woods morfe trail walk autumn 2


Once you reach the fence line, follow the path to your right which takes you down a steep slope into dense woodland.

Dudmaston comer woods running morfe trail walk autumn


Head up the steep slope in front of you and continue to follow the pathway through the woodland.

Dudmaston comer woods morfe trail runner walk running autumn


Pass around the wooden cross bar gate at the top of the woodland and take a quick turn right down the grassy footpath.


Take a right at the orange way marker and cross to the other side of the pool.


Follow the pathway along the pools. Eventually you'll reach an open, grassy area. Head slightly right and then up the steep hill in front of you.


Once you reach the top of hill bear right and continue on the pathway. You'll soon reach a steep downhill slope in front of you which will take you back to the car park.


Comer Woods car park

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Morfe Walk, Comer Woods

How to get here

Comer Woods car park. Access off the A442 between Dudmaston's main entrance and Bridgnorth.
By road

Access the entrance to Comer Woods off the A442, a mile and a half from Dudmaston's main entrance on the way to Bridgnorth.

Morfe Walk, Comer Woods

Facilities and access

  • Toilets
  • Catering