Behind the Scenes of the Lost Carnival...

From 31 July to 30 August, step right up and be amazed! Step into a world of acrobatics, music and carnival tricks at Dunham Massey. Dreamt up by Wild Rumpus and So It Is, step into a world unlike any other at Dunham Massey.

The Lost Carnival is in peril, and needs your energy to keep it alive. From 31 July to 30 August, go on an adventure with your family and friends this summer, as two of the greatest carnival families, the Birds and the Ingenues, rehearse in the garden. 

Exploring the Lost Carnival trail...
Dunham Behind the scenes carnival 2

Enjoy a trail of beautiful installations filled with circus and theatrical challenges to help keep the Lost Carnival alive. Meet performers and help them keep hula hoops twirling, prepare costumes and practice songs. Turn a zoetrope (one of the earliest animation techniques through a revolving, slitted drum) to continue to ensure an acrobat comes to life.

Meet the performers and help them keep the chant going...
Dunham Behind the scenes carnival 3

Write letters to the star-crossed lovers and heads of the rival carnivals Sergei Bird and Popou Ingenue to persuade them to meet at Dunham Massey and discover more about the history of the carnival in Popou’s enchanting caravan.

Writing letters in the Orangery...can you bring back Sergei and Popou?
Dunham Behind the scenes carnival 7

This event takes place 10.30am-4.30pm in the garden. Normal admission applies for the garden (NT members free). Don’t forget to collect your tickets at the visitor centre before heading to the garden.