Joanna Houghton

Her work is hand drawn using coloured pencil...

Joanna is an artist based in Manchester. Originally from North Wales, Joanna graduated from Manchester School of Art with a degree in Illustration in 2012.

Since graduating Joanna has worked in food, by day, as a baker and chef at small businesses in South Manchester. Her love of food is reflected in many of her drawings. Having access to wonderful ingredients and being surrounded by delicious things all day long never fails to inspire.

Her work is hand drawn using coloured pencil. Joanna works on a small scale to create intricate, life-like illustrations. She embraces plenty of negative space around her drawings to focus attention on the detail within them. As well as drawing food, Joanna likes to focus on small, everyday objects from modern life. Turning things that would be considered fleeting and ephemeral into treasures by offering an alternative perspective that instead celebrates these ordinary subjects as extraordinary.


Instagram: @joannahoughtonillustration

Twitter: @joannahoughton