New menus for the spring season

Kym making shortbread at Dunstable Downs

During the lazy days of summer, you will enjoy the new menus we have waiting for you in the View Café. Enjoy a walk then come in for some delicious, energising food. You can bring your well-behaved dog with you as well.

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The food you buy at the View Café is prepared and cooked fresh, every day, in our kitchen. The menus are laid out by the National Trust who provide us with a seasonal cookbook

We have several new menus for the spring/summer season which vary according to the day of the week. To help you decide which day you would like to visit for lunch you can check the menus here - Lite bite menus for spring 2019 (PDF / 0.2MB) download Main meal menu for spring 2019 (PDF / 0.1MB) download Autumn Light Bites at The View Café (PDF / 0.3MB) download Autumn main meals at the View Café (PDF / 0.3MB) download


Our delicious venison sausages are made from neighbouring Ashridge Estate venison and are very popular with our visitors. We are busy reviewing our providers so that we can hopefully source more products locally and we are planning to grow our own vegetables in the not-too-distant future!

You will be pleased to know that all our eggs are free-range and all our food has to be approved by various organisations which guarantee it is healthy and free of any unnecessary additives.  Every product we use has to be -

  • Seasonal
  • Sustainable
  • Free-range
  • Traceable
  • Healthy

We aim to provide the tastiest meals possible for your enjoyment.

Join the queue for a tasty meal
Queue at the View Café Dunstable Downs Bedfordshire
Join the queue for a tasty meal

Dietary Options

We try to have a meat free option every day consisting of vegetarian soups and 'one-pots' plus our Quorn sausages.


We know that you are as concerned about the use of non-degradable plastic as we are and we hope that you have noticed that all our disposable goods - cutlery, coffee cups, sandwich packaging etc. - are now biodegradable. In fact we only have one soft drink in a plastic bottle on sale, all others are now in recyclable glass bottles.

For those who are interested you can read the National Trust's 'plastic pledge' The National Trusts plastic pledge (PDF / 0.1MB) download .

Enjoy your visit to the View Café!