Look out for wildlife on the Durham Coast

Bright purple pink flowers of the Bloody Cransebill

Discover the great variety of wildlife that calls this coastline home all year round.

Durham Brown Argus

This rare little butterfly is the flagship species for a stretch of coast full of interesting and unusual wildlife. There are a number of colonies along the coast. Warren House Gill is one of the best places to go looking for them when they are on the wing in June and July.

Look out for... skylarks

There's nothing like the sound of the skylark to make it feel like spring has sprung. They nest all along the coast in the grassland so it's easy to enjoy their song flights.
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Look out for... bloody cranesbill

It is very unusual to have areas of limestone on the coast. As a result the Durham Coast is home to lots of rare plants. One of our favorites is the beautiful bloody cranesbill.
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Look out for... grey partridges

This once common bird has suffered serious declines and is now a protected species. Happily it can still be found on the Durham Coast. Beacon Hill is a good place to look.
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Look out for... dingy skippers

This is one butterfly that lives up to its name. It may not be the most beautiful, but we still like this rare little insect. Look out for it basking on bare earth.
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