Pigs arrive at Dyffryn

Our two new members of the Dyffryn team have arrived and are settling in nicely. Visit them every day in the Kitchen Garden.

Two new additions to our gardens

We're very excited to announce that we have introduced two working pigs to the gardens. The pigs will have some very important work to do. They will be in charge of turning over the earth ready for planting in the autumn and of course being very cute and adorable for our visitors. 

What sort of pigs are they?

Oxford  sandy and blacks, they are domestic pigs originating from Oxfordshire and are named for their sandy and black spotted colouring, the breed is also sometimes called the plum pudding or Oxford forest pig. 

This pig is one of the oldest British pig breeds and is on the endangered list with fewer than 200 breeding sows according to the 2006 survey. Compare this with the more recognised Gloucester Old Spot which is on the at risk category with 600 registered sows. It is, therefore, imperative to keep maintaining this wonderful breed.

What's in a name?

As the pigs are working animals and not pets we have decided not to name them. 


Once they have settled in and gotten used to their new surroundings we will be feeding the pigs daily at 3pm, when we feel the pigs are safe to be fed by visitors we will add this to our what's on pages so you can have a go too.

We hope you come and welcome our newest arrivals very soon.