Deer feeding at Dyrham Park

Join us for deer feeding at Dyrham Park in winter

Join us for deer feeding over the winter months - a unique chance to get close to these majestic creatures.

As the winter closes in and food becomes scarce, our rangers head out into the park to feed the deer - and invites you to join them.

Our herd of almost 200 fallow deer spends most of the year grazing on tender shoots but come the end of November they need a bit of a helping hand. And from December 1 – March 31, we welcome you to join us for this carefully planned exercise.

A unique experience

Beth Taylor, Outdoors Officer, said: “Over the winter months we have to help feed the deer and we are keen to share this unique experience with our visitors. It’s a great chance to get close to the deer, but we do need to be careful they don’t become too reliant on humans.

“Each feeding session is carried out under the strict guidance of one of our trained rangers in order to help provide the deer with the food they need, but without them becoming too tame.”

Deer feeding is available for up to two adults and two children and takes place at 9am daily. Tickets cost £10 for adults and £5 for children, maximum of 2 adults per session. Booking is essential. To book, please email us or call us on 0117 937 1333.