The West Garden

St Peter's church overlooks the garden at Dyrham Park

The West Garden is in the midst of a five-year transformation project which will see a 21st-century garden with echoes of the past created.

You may notice some changes in the garden recently and that's because we've embarked on an ambitious project to create a vibrant, 17th-century inspired garden.

Join us on our journey as we explore elements of Johannes Kip's 17th-century engraving to inform our planting plans - which includes creating new magnificent borders on the lawn and reinstating a parterre in front of the house.

A place to relax

The garden sits in the shadow of the main house and neighbouring St Peter's Church. There are plenty of inviting benches and spots to rest along the way.

At the end of the pathway from the West Front of the house are the original 17th-century gates which would have been the main entrance to the house in years gone by.

Perry orchard

On the south side of the garden is Nichol's perry pear orchard, which is full of wildflowers in the spring and summer months.

As well as trees and plants in the garden, which include thousands of tulips, katsura and echinops, there is an abundance of wildlife - countless bees and butterflies and, at nighttime, bats.

Free guided tours

We're hoping to bring back regular tours of the garden, which will vary depending on the season. Some look at the work we're carrying out, others at the seasonal plants - including wildflowers.

See the notice board in the courtyard on arrival for any tours running on the day.