Eyam's winter wildlife

Cobweb glitters on winter branch

Winter is a glittering time of year for wildlife - check out our top five spots this season.

The Eyam Team's top 5 winter wildife sightings:

1) Ravens

The Peak District is a local stronghold for these big black members of the crow family. Listen for their soft "corrax, corrax" call as they fly above the woods and dales around Riley Graves.

A raven perching on vegetation

2) Pine cones

Who can resist picking up a pine cone or three? They make fab Christmas decorations, and can even tell you the weather; they "close" when the weather is going to be rainy and re open when the sun comes out.

3) Gorse

A splash of colour against winter greens and browns, gorse flowers all year round. It even has the summery scent of coconut - but don't sniff too closely, it's also very prickly! Find gorse as you walk to Stoney Middleton via the Boundary Stone.

Spread out and savour the space
Family picnic on hill with gorse

4) Robins

Everyone's favourite winter bird - do you agree? Robins can be seen in Eyam Hall's garden and around the village. Did you know they fluff up their feathers against the cold, and roost with other small birds such as wrens, great tits, and long-tailed tits to keep warm?

5) Bullhead fish

Find this tiny fish in shallow, pebbly rivers, such as the River Derwent at Grindleford. They can be seen all year round, and are important to the Peak District, as they are one of the species that help it qualify as a Special Area of Conservation.

Ranger working in the Peak District
Ranger working in the Peak District