Autumn in the garden

Eyam Hall garden arches in the autumn

Developed over generations of one family, this idyllic garden has been designed to be both pleasantly attractive and functional. Enjoy the changing colours this autumn.

The changing colours in Eyam Hall's garden
Eyam Hall in autumn

With its wonderful range of seasonal borders, quaint home grown vegetable plots and open spacious lawns the family spent many happy years gardening and socialising with friends. The garden is an ever-changing space, not only from season to season but designed and developed by individuals over time.

At the bottom of the garden

In the garden stands a small two story stone building overlooking the beautiful walled garden. Over the years its purpose has changed but its original intent was as a banqueting house.
Today the building is used as a gardener’s shed but still retains its original features including a stone fireplace upstairs. 
The banqueting house in Eyam Hall's garden, against the flourishing borders
The banqueting house in Eyam Hall's garden, against the flourishing borders

The foundations

The garden has always been a space of enjoyment for the family. From growing peaches in the glass greenhouse, afternoon tea on the lawn, to being the feature article in the 1901 edition of Country life magazine. 
Today it’s developed and cared for by our gardener Steve and team of dedicated volunteers to be enjoyed by thousands of visitors. The garden has changed dramatically over the years and with your help we'll be able to start a new chapter. 

The future

Gardener working hard in the summer borders
Gardener working hard in the summer borders
With this year’s fundraising appeal we’ll strive to increase seasonal variation across the whole garden including creating a new perennial display to replace the parterre affected by box blight.
We also aim to plant more pollen, nectar and fruit-rich ornamental flowers for wildlife. All of our efforts are to ensure the garden thrives and continues for future generations.