Summer colour in Eyam's walled garden

Rose arches in Eyam Hall's historic walled garden

Join us this season and experience the fantastic colours of the summer garden.

Behind the gritstone walls of Eyam Hall lies a quentissential English garden. Over three terraces and quartered by borders, it has been a hub of enjoyment for centuries.

Lying alongside the modest fountain lawn, stand three impressive arches climbed by bright white roses, with others in shades of purple and peach welcoming you as you enter the gateway to the hall. 

Roses climbing the Derbyshire gritstone manor house
Roses growing up the front of Eyam Hall

Our sweet peas are not to be missed this year. Our garden volunteers have been working hard to twist and twirl hazel branches into arches, soon to become covered in pretty sweet peas in a rainbow of colours. 

Enjoy views of Eyam Hall from the garden
Eyam hall from the garden with summer flowers

Find a spot of sunshine and relax on a bench to take in the floral aromas of the season and appreciate the colours of the summer garden.