'50 things' indoors: Spot something

A young girl in a brightly coloured dress is looking up the chimney, Thorington Hall

Keep your wits about you and see what you can find – a mystery object, a hidden story or a miniature painting? These 13 activities will help you discover the secrets of the house.

  1. Find your favourite object made of wood
  2. Find a mystery object
  3. Spot signs of a creepy crawly that lived in the house
  4. Find a set of secret drawers
  5. Find a story in a picture or a tapestry
  6. Find the door to a secret room
  7. Find a ceiling with a beautiful decoration
  8. Find an object made of bone
  9. Spot a hole in a wall
  10. Find an object used for cooking
  11. Find a miniature painting
  12. Find out the name of the family pet
  13. Find out the name of the family’s favourite horse