A symbol of a lifelong passion

Churchill's miniature paintbox

Churchill had a lifelong passion for painting and the miniature paint box is the perfect symbol of this. It was immediately after the crushing blow of his enforced resignation as First Lord of the Admiralty, following the failure of the Dardanelles campaign, that Lady Gwendoline Churchill, Churchill’s sister-in- law, encouraged him to pick up a brush.

Despite discovering his passion for painting at the relatively late age of 40, it soon became an engrossing occupation. A keen proponent of oils, he went on to produce over 500 impressive works, many of which form a fascinating visual diary of his extensive travels to places such as Egypt, Canada, Italy and the south of France. Sir Winston found refuge at his easel. Painting provided a welcome escape from his busy schedule and the pressures of politics.

" If it weren’t for painting I couldn’t live."
- Sir Winston Churchill

Collection at Chartwell

Today, visitors can see many of Churchill’s portraits, landscapes and other works in his studio at Chartwell. Many of them unframed and some unfinished, his works are still arranged just as he left them, surrounding the very spot where he would peacefully turn his focus to colour, composition and creativity.

Churchill was rarely without art supplies like this beautiful sterling silver set. Currently on display in the Exhibition Room, the hall-marked miniature paint box, dated 1919, is by Charles Roberson & Co of Piccadilly, who became regular suppliers to Churchill the artist. It is not known how this tiny, yet significant item came into Churchill’s possession. It may well have been a gift from a friend or family member picking up on Churchill’s new hobby of painting.

We have a fantastic opportunity to secure this item in our collection at Chartwell forever. Please help us secure this item for future generations.

Lion statue

Bronze lion statue 

The bronze lion statue sits at the top of the stairs, outside Churchill's study. It was a fitting gift to an intensely courageous man. With your help, we can keep it at Chartwell, where it belongs.