Aelia and Stuart Youngs

Aelia and Stuart Youngs married at Kedleston Hall in May 2012

Aelia and Stuart Youngs married at Kedleston Hall, Derbyshire, in May 2012.

We wanted our wedding to be a true mix of our backgrounds, as Stuart is English and Aelia is British Indian.

We looked at many Trust sites, but Kedleston was perfect on three counts. First, we wanted a quintessential English country house; second, there was a historic connection to India as Lord Curzon was viceroy there; and, third, we both have a keen interest in architecture, and the great Robert Adam designed it.

On our wedding day, Kedleston Hall was closed to the public, so we felt like the venue was all ours and we were able to use many of the main rooms in the house. Guests entered through the Marble Hall and were able to marvel at the sculptures and marble floors before our ceremony under the dome, which is sky-lit through a glass oculus.

One of our highlights was having an English tea party in the Great Kitchen. We had a long table adorned with vintage tea cups and saucers and silverware. The kitchen at Kedleston made cakes and sandwiches, and we followed this with a curry and dancing in the arches below.

Bride from side view in Georgian house with portrait on wall


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