Artist brief | Climate Change in Wales: Creative Conversations

Snowdon and attendant peaks taken from the south with Hafod y Llan estate in the distance at Snowdonia National Park.

We're seeking to commission a creative practitioner working in any medium to facilitate a series of creative conversations with communities in Wales about climate change and its impacts.

The effects of climate change are already having an impact on our organisation and the wider world. It is the greatest threat and challenge to all we look after – buildings, collections and our natural environments. It will also challenge our visitor operations, investments and procurement. We are building on efforts already underway and have a coordinated and cross-organisational plan to mitigate and adapt to these changes. As we look at how we adapt to and mitigate the effects of climate change, we will explore how we manage our land and reduce our operational impact, but perhaps most importantly, we need to engage our people, volunteers, members and the public in the work that we are doing. We want this project to help us develop our approach to working collaboratively with people in order to build consensus and care for the places we look after.

Through working with creative practitioners, we hope to engage bilingual communities in Wales in conversations about their experiences and thoughts on the impact of climate change, and how we might work together to mitigate against these. 

There are a number of places that have already been significantly impacted by the effects of climate change, and others that may be in the future and we hope to engage some of the communities affected. We anticipate this being a mixture of rural communities, as well as some in more populated areas. We aim to be as inclusive as possible in who we connect with but are open to discussions with creative practitioners about the approach and key groups that we may particularly target.

The Commission 

We are seeking a lead creative practitioner (or collaboration) to devise and develop a creative approach to engage communities in Wales in conversations about their thoughts, fears, hopes and expectations on the impact of climate change in their lives. We anticipate conversations being facilitated up to 3 geographical places (to be decided in liaison with the commissioners). The lead practitioner may choose to lead and deliver the project across each place, or work with more locally situated artists to deliver. 

The format will be developed by the artist in agreement with the commissioners but should creatively engage a range of different communities Wales. We hope that the project will be an imaginative and meaningful process for all involved and responsive to the unique culture and context of Wales.

Climate change hazard map showing overheating and humidity 2020-2060

Artist Brief | Climate Change in Wales: Creative Conversations 

For more information and how to apply, please read the full artist brief here.

Closing date

Please send your application by email by 23 July 2021.