Autumn feasts and farming

Staff member picking apples for the harvest

The harvest season is here and we’re celebrating the best of British food and drink with this year's British Food Fortnight from 19 September - 4 October 2020. From trying the fresh, local food in our cafés to cooking up an autumnal recipe at home, and harvesting your own fresh produce, there are so many ways to make the most of the season.

Autumn is here for us all to embrace. It’s a wonderful time of year when the natural world turns into a seasonal spectacle of burnt oranges, vibrant reds and glistening golds, and the landscape comes alive with wildlife. If you've been out exploring with crunchy leaves underfoot and are looking for somewhere to warm up from those autumn chills or have just popped in for natter, cuppa and slice of cake, many of our our cafés and tea-rooms use ingredients grown in our own kitchen gardens and from tenant farms on our estates.

Spiced toffee apple cake

Taste the produce

There are 125 varieties of apple in the orchards of Cothele, in Cornwall, many of which are made into cakes, apple juice and cider. Meanwhile, after the grain has ripened in the fields of Home Farm, on the Wimpole Estate in Cambridgeshire, it's ground on site and the flour supplies our café’s nationwide.

Three wooden crates filled with apples

Nature-friendly farming

Traditional orchards like the one at Barrington Court have great benefits for wildlife and nature. Their old gnarled trees support lichens, mosses and insects, as well as provide nesting sites and a food source for bats and birds. They also have plenty of space for wildflowers to flourish below the trees, encouraging butterflies and bees.

" From gluts of tomatoes in the summer to windfalls of apples in the autumn, our cookbook recipes use as much seasonal produce as possible. We believe that using seasonal produce tastes great and is better for nature, too."
- Matt Drew, Head of Food and Beverage
Friendly cattle grazing coastal fields, Cape Cornwall

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The Kitchen Garden in June at Trengwainton Garden, Cornwall

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