Borrow a balance bike and teach your child how to ride

Children riding balance bikes in the woods

Learning how to ride a bike is a rite of passage. Make the experience extra special by helping your child to reach this milestone in the open spaces we look after. Thanks to our partnership with British Cycling, with funding and support from their lead partner HSBC UK, balance bikes are free to borrow at many National Trust places.

We can all remember the exhilarating feeling of cycling off into the distance without support for the first time. The wind in your hair and the sense of freedom you feel at that moment stays with you for a lifetime. 

Teaching your child to ride a bike at the places we care for creates magical memories they will cherish into adulthood. Cycling is one of the best ways to experience acres of open countryside and amazing wildlife.

Your learn-to-ride guide

Could your little one do with some extra help to get their wheels in motion? Check out Ready Set Ride - a handy online guide designed by British Cycling and HSBC UK to help learners develop the skills they need to be confident riders for life. It also includes 20 games to make learning to ride more enjoyable. All of this can also be accessed on the go via the free app, making learning at National Trust places even more fun. 

Borrow a balance bike

Our partnership means balance bikes are available to borrow at 16 National Trust places. You may be asked for a small donation or a refundable deposit. 

Balance bikes are lightweight bikes that don't have pedals and stablisers, allowing your child to improve their balance, a key skill they can take to a pedal bike.  

Cycling with us is not only an adventure it's also a fun way of exploring open countryside and geting some fresh air. Learning a new skill in a place full of colourful plants and wildlife is hard to beat. 

At the end of a day your little ones will go to bed tired and happy with their heads full of the squirrels, ducks, butterflies and deer they spotted in the ancient woods, gardens and parkland we care for. 

Balance bikes are available at: