Climb a tree on Brownsea Island

Child walking through the heathland Brownsea Island

‘I love coming to Brownsea Island because you can climb trees and there’s lots of wildlife too - there are red squirrels, sika deer, peacocks and lots of birds on the lagoon.’ Leo Curtis, aged 13

The tree trail at Brownsea is a climber’s dream. With a trail taking you around the island and trees marked by a sign, it is easy to get a squirrel's eye view of Brownsea Island
There are some tricky ones and some easier ones and some that have fallen over and make great balance beams. You can also find out more about some of the different types of tree and the animals that live there.
Watch out for the Holm oak, it’s the ranger’s favourite as you have to weave in and out of the branches. 
" Children's packs, worksheets and tree trails are amongst the best of any National Trust place we have visited."
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