Climb up to Chirk Castle

View of the East elevation of Chirk Castle, with topiary

Imagine you’re a foot soldier, brandishing your sword, as you run up the hill to Chirk Castle, Wrexham. This fortress is well worth raiding. It boasts a medieval tower, dungeon and Long Gallery.

‘The walk from the car park, through the meadow and up to the castle is very popular,’ says Joanna Thompson, who works at Chirk Castle.
'The meadow is beautiful during summer and it’s also a terrific hill for rolling back down (number two of our 50 things). People with push chairs might find this hill a bit tricky, but if you’re feeling strong you’ll be fine.’
Chirk Castle is surrounded by award-winning gardens and is home to rare invertebrates, wild flowers and beautiful trees. So once you’ve conquered the castle, there is plenty more to explore.