Coast path work in West Cornwall

Tregerthen coast path repairs

The National Trust team in West Cornwall have been completing major coast path repairs, thanks to last year’s visitors’ donations.

Donation boxes, cairns, buckets, and raffle tickets have all been to thank for the work that the ranger team have been able to undertake at Trevega, Tregerthen and Zennor Head.

Coast path erosion at Trevega had been caused by flood damage and people pressure. Over time, this had made the path very slippery and difficult to walk on, with some of the eroded sections being as deep as half a metre. Rangers have worked with volunteers to put in 15 new granite steps and landscape the area, making the site much friendlier for walkers. The combined weight of the granite used was 2.2. tonnes.

Tregerthen cliff took 2.3 tonnes of granite for repairs to a path damaged by water. The nearest access point is approximately four hundred metres away, which makes getting materials to site a very difficult task. 23 granite steps and two granite water breaks had to be stretchered the remainder of the way to complete the project.

Zennor Head repairs needed a stretcher and powered barrow due to limited access. Seventeen steps had to be placed on site, and also a granite culvert to divert water off the footpath.

Shaun Boyns, the Area Ranger, says ‘Coast path work is hard work made easy by the stunning locations we work in, with spectacular views, and lots of friendly visitors. Thanks to members and donations we are able to continue to maintain access to the coast path for all to enjoy.’

The National Trust were able to complete the works because of the generous donations of visitors. This year the West Cornwall team will be working on repairs at Penberth, Bosigran, Trevean, Treen and Boswednack, in order to maintain access to the coast path and protect it from erosion.