Coastal change at Freshwater West

Aerial image of Freshwater West

Rising sea levels and climate change are a reality and will ultimately shape Freshwater West’s future. The beach is expected to gradually retreat inland, but we’re putting measures in place now in readiness for this eventual coastal realignment.


Adapting to coastal change

Jonathan Hughes, our general manager for Pembrokeshire, explains how we’re adapting to coastal change and working with nature to deliver a landscape-scale project at Gupton Farm and Freshwater West.

Shifting Shores

If you’d like to find out more about how we’re playing our part at the coast, please have a look at our Shifting Shores 2015 report.

Become a COASTodian

Help us care for Freshwater West by becoming a community COASTodian. This National Trust Wales initiative provides opportunities for people who visit their local beauty spot regularly to play a vital part in its care, by checking the condition of paths, monitoring wildlife, informing the ranger of any issues and helping others enjoy the site.