Dormouse being held in a hand

Need some help to discover dormice at our special places? We've got it covered.

These elusive animals are nocturnal, nesting in hedgerows and tree canopies. We’ve been giving them a helping hand at Juniper Hill.
‘We’re hoping the dormice will move into the breeding boxes, give birth and raise their young over the coming summers. They hibernate on the ground over winter but often return to the same site for breeding. If this project is successful it should make survival a bit less of a struggle for the dormice.’
- Dave Williams, from Surrey Wildlife Trust, speaking at Juniper Hill
Because dormice are so rare you’re highly unlikely to see one in the wild and they must only be touched by licensed handlers. However, you can help by sponsoring a dormouse at Berrington Hall, in Herefordshire. You can also go along to learn about these little creatures, as our rangers put the boxes out in the woodland.
To sponsor a dormouse call 01568 615721 or email Berrington Hall
Watch our video below to see how we are helping to conserve them on Box Hill, Surrey