Douglas Fir on High Close tree trail

Douglas Fir

This species of fir is named after David Douglas, the same Scottish botanist who introduced the Sitka Spruce and about another 250 species to the UK.

Latin name

Pseudotsuga menziesii

Facts about the Douglas Fir

Thanks go to the Royal Horticultural Society for the sponsorship that funded his expeditions to the Pacific Northwest. Douglas died under mysterious circumstances while climbing a volcano in Hawaii, aged just 35. A small stand of Douglas fir trees marks the site he died on the mountain side.

The scales on the cones have three pointed tips that can be used to identify the species of fir and the trunk has blisters of resin in the fissures of the purple-brown bark. This species is very long-lived, which means they are great habitat for birds and bats that nest in the cavities and cracks that often form over time.