Explore places with Second World War history

A couple walking on the clifftop at the White Cliffs of Dover, Kent

Many of the places we look after were involved in the Second World War. Visit one of our list below with your family to discover the stories of what happened.

David visited Croome in Worcestershire to learn about his parents’ experience during the war.

‘My brother and I travelled from Australia to find out more about our parents who served with the RAF during WWII. We visited the RAF Defford Visitors Centre, at Croome, and were delighted to see the wonderful work done to preserve this important piece of history,’ says David.

‘We feel that we will always have a connection to this place and one day hopefully, our grandchildren will be able to make the same pilgrimage that we did.’

Here is our pick of places to visit to learn more about World War II:

  • Visit the secret airbase at Croome, Worcestershire
  • Studland Beach, Dorset, was used as a training area before D-Day. Follow our World War II walk and see who can spot the hidden devices built to foil a German invasion
  • Remnants of World War II run along the North Helford Coastline, Cornwall. Take our circular walk to see the gun emplacements and pill boxes
  • Discover lookout posts and submarine listening stations along the Pembrokeshire Coast
  • Look out for slit trenches at the White Cliffs of Dover, Kent
  • See our Anderson shelter and dig for victory at Trengwaiton Garden, Cornwall
  • Uncover Hughenden’s wartime past with interactive exhibits, in Buckinghamshire
  • During World War II Orford Ness, in Suffolk, was used to test the vulnerability of aircraft, for experiments with radio waves and other military purposes. Areas of the site are restricted, because of the risk of unexploded bombs, but families can visit various buildings with information about the site’s history. You can also pick up kids’ quizzes when you buy your tickets.
  • Over 3000 men were trained in secret at Coleshill, Oxfordshire to become the first line of resistance in the event of an enemy invasion. Visit the replica Operational Base and learn more about the 'Auxiliers' at our Coleshill Open Afternoons or book a guided history walk.