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Corfe Castle, Wareham, Dorset

The Castle: peeling back the layers

Lindisfarne Castle, Northumberland

Lindisfarne Castle is a fine example of an Edwardian holiday home, and of the work of the young architect Edwin Lutyens.


Legends in the landscape

Places have meanings and stories that are deeply rooted. These may not be backed up by written documents but tales are passed down through generations. Sometimes monuments are built to confirm the rumour of events that happened, of associations with famous people or to symbolise a sacred place. The National Trust cares for many of these mythical locations.


Fairytale castles

Are your children knights on horseback or dragon-slaying maidens? Here's our pick of our favourite fairytale castles to get your family's adventure started.


Find a fort in the South West

From castles to hillforts, take a look at where you can discover defences in the South West.


Forts in the South West

Remains of strongholds can be seen across the countryside in the South West, from hillforts to castles. National Trust Archaeologist, Martin Papworth, has captured some of the lost stories of the defences across the South West.


The Castle at Lindisfarne

Lindisfarne Castle, Northumberland

Protected by the elements, our castle is inaccessible twice a day at high tide but then you reach us we're worth it. Dressed with period items, home to a wind indicator and an abundance of wildlife, come and discover us.

Bembridge Fort and Downs

near Bembridge, Isle of Wight

An unrestored Victorian fort set on dramatic chalk cliffs and open downland with coastal views

Partially open today
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Take a tour of Bembridge Fort

Bembridge Fort and Downs, Isle of Wight

Open only for guided tours each Tuesday (Apr-Oct), let our volunteers bring this fort to life. Built in 1860s and going through a restoration programme, tours offer you a rare chance to see inside this historic building.


St Helens Fort

St Helens Duver, Isle of Wight

Despite its history of warfare, the fort at St Helens has now become the imposing destination of a mass unofficial walk.


A battle that never took place

The Needles Old Battery and New Battery, Isle of Wight

The Needles Old Battery was built on the orders of Lord Palmerston to protect the naval dockyards at Portsmouth against the threat of attack by the French.


Dumpdon Hill Fort

Shute Barton, Devon

An impressive Iron Age hill fort, Dumpdon sits on one of the largest and most striking hills in the beautiful Otter Valley; perfect for a bracing walk.


Badbury Rings

Kingston Lacy, Dorset

Where ancient ringed archaeology whispers of an Iron Age past


Hod Hill's archaeology and wildlife boosted by grant

Hod Hill, Dorset

A new project will help to protect this stunning hillfort, important for its archaeology and its wildlife.


Bringing Bembridge Fort to life

Bembridge Fort and Downs, Isle of Wight

We love bringing the fort to life for visitors and we often have visitors who remember it from its heyday as a factory and those who share their memories of its part in the Second World War.


Our work at Watersmeet

Watersmeet, Devon

Learn more about our work at Watersmeet.


More than just a view

Crickley Hill, Gloucestershire

From brutal battles to an Iron Age Hill Fort, there's more to Crickley Hill than you might think.


Things to see and do on the Dodman

The Dodman, Cornwall

There's so much to see and do around the Dodman - take your pick!


Hillforts in the Midlands

Mysterious hillforts litter the landscapes of the Midlands. Find out more about five of these prehistoric features.