Grain to glory: the inside story

Christmas cushions and mugs showing the 2019 Autumn Winter print design,  Knightshayes

Indulge yourself in nature this winter, as you explore the vibrant tones, deep shapes and rich textures of this year’s new collection: Grain to glory. Through the exploration of delicately crafted woodwork, we celebrate the nature of wood and the need for high quality sustainable products.

With print designs of cascading flowers and blooming foliage, exposed wood grains and knots, and intricate motifs, the collection highlights the historical stories of this careful craftsmanship.

With every purchase you’ll play a vital role in supporting our important conservation work to maintain and restore the places we care for. Find out how our designers were inspired to create this unique range. 

 The Drawing Room at Knightshayes Court, Devon

Finding inspiration

When looking for inspiration for the new collection, our designers were influenced by the nature and heritage of woodcarvings found at our properties. Inspiration ranged from the opulent carved ceilings at Knightshayes, to the salvaged and restored carpentry at Barrington Court and the limewood carvings at Petworth House by sculptor and woodcarver Grinling Gibbons. Inspired to capture the rich hues and unique textures created by nature, the designers were able to embody the mood of this winter season.

The winter print design based on the ceilings at Knightshayes Court, Devon

From carvings to prints

Taking inspiration from the spectacular woodwork at our properties, our designers were able to beautifully engineer these various elements into unique print designs. Our designers have infused the life-like qualities and textures of the carvings and motifs into their work. By layering paint and bold brushstrokes, they were able to explore the delicate trailing floral ceiling designs in the Library and Drawing Room of Knightshayes. They've captured the quirky symbols and motifs of this 19th-century Victorian gothic revival house.

" We started experimenting with a range of techniques and media to begin with, aiming to translate the textures and patterns we saw on our visits into prints."
- Annika Robertson, Assistant Retail Designer
Detail of the ceiling in the Drawing Room at Knightshayes Court, Devon

Woodwork as a traditional slow craft skill

Creating unique pieces that showcase elaborate craftsmanship, authenticity and quality, are aspects that our designers have placed at the heart of the new collection. Slow down and find yourself glimpsing into one of the world’s most ancient crafts. This traditional technique strips woodwork back to its core allowing the makers hands to connect nature and craft together. Every piece of wood worked craft helps build character, expands our knowledge and teaches us more about the special places in our care.

Amberley Bodger Colin Wells using the Pole Lathe

Why is woodwork conservation so special?

Through our workshops and collections, we are helping to preserve history, uncover secrets and bring history to life. This collection highlights the diversity of the craft and reflects on the history surrounding it. Thanks to special conservation of the woodwork, our designers have been able to connect us to the heart of nature through the special places we look after by creating unique products for you to bring into your home. This work allows us to help look after these special places for ever, for everyone.

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