Green energy building design guides

Solar panels, used to power lighting, on the roof of Brancaster Millennium Activity Centre, Norfolk

It can be daunting to develop an energy scheme from scratch – even for our experts – so we’ve created a collection of building project case studies from some of the places we look after.

Through our building design guides, we aim to share the things that have gone well with developments and also where we’ve learned valuable lessons.
We hope they can inspire you to build cleaner energy schemes that are appropriate for your own special place, and help to save you time and money too.

Biomass case studies

Design guides for some of our buildings with biomass boiler installations:

Energy-saving case study
An example of how we are reducing energy wastage in our cottages:
Heat pump case studies
Air, ground and water source heat pumps:
Hydroelectricity case studies
Hydroelectric systems at two of our properties:
Mixed renewable energy case studies
These buildings have used different sustainable technologies together, creating electricity and heat:
Solar power case studies
Places where we have installed solar thermal and photovoltaic panels:
Wind power case study
A wind turbine helps to charge batteries at a coastguard station: