Help us protect the environment during Brexit

A bee on lavender, Avebury, Wiltshire

Summer is in full swing, with the beautiful sights and sounds of nature all around us. With Brexit fast approaching, how can you ensure the natural places you love are protected into the future?

We’re in the midst of huge political change, with Brexit posing both challenges and potential opportunities for a sustainable future for wildlife, farming, landscapes and the natural environment that underpins it all.

The UK Government has published the 'Repeal Bill’ (European Union (Withdrawal) Bill) that will end our membership of the European Union at the same time as ensuring that laws we live by today remain in force.

Most of the UK rules that protect our natural environment come from the EU, so it’s crucial that we not only retain those protections as we leave the EU, but also call on the UK Government to go further and, working with devolved governments, lead the world in setting standards to ensure the future of our wildlife and natural landscapes, both at home and abroad.

At this pivotal moment, we’re working with environment conservation and countryside groups as part of the Greener UK coalition, to ensure that we influence how our natural world will shape up in the years to come.  

Together, we’re calling on people to tell their MP what matters most to them about the environment and to ask MPs to protect it during the passage of the Repeal Bill.

What we need from the Government 

The UK government has promised to transfer EU protections into UK law through the Repeal Bill. The Bill itself is likely to be high-level, but it will set the rules for what happens afterwards when individual rules get rewritten.

We already know that there are calls to scrap some important protections.That’s why it’s important that MPs and Ministers understand how much people value current protections for the environment that come via the EU.

The Prime Minister and her government have made a commitment “to leave the environment in a better state for the next generation”. We all need to hold them to that promise.

How you can help

You can write to your MP reminding them of their crucial role in ensuring that our environment laws are not weakened, or left vulnerable to future change away from the watchful gaze of the public and Parliament.

Perhaps tell them what leaving the environment in a better state for the next generation means to you.  

Imagine if your local wetlands were restored so they were not only brimming with wildlife, but they helped to protect your town from flooding; or if local farmers were paid a decent income to produce healthy food whilst also providing a home to thriving populations of birds, insects or mammals on their land. Imagine if new housing developments were created in a way that gave children safe, green spaces to play in, and that we could breathe clean air in our cities.   

Why not tell your MP your vision for the future of the places you love? You can do this in just a few clicks by taking the action below.