How to make Hughenden's felt gingerbread men

Gingerbread people gather

Last Christmas, knitted mice captured the imagination of volunteers and visitors alike. This year, in line with the fairy tale theme, it's cute and cuddly gingerbread people.

The gingerbread people made by volunteers will form a trail around the house at Christmas for children to spot. Hughenden's mantelpiece in the office is already overcrowded with gingerbread people jostling to show off their finery. There's dapper gentlemen in smart waistcoats and hats, elegant ladies in lace, punks, Olympic-themed gingerbread people and there's even a Benjamin Disraeli and a Queen Victoria.

They're easy to make and decorate, so why not have a go yourself? When complete, hand one in to Hughenden to be included on the house trail, or sew on a loop of ribbon and keep it to hang on your Christmas tree.

What you'll need

A4 sheet of felt in brown or beige

Small amount of toy stuffing

Embroidery threads

Black round seed beads 

Buttons and scraps of fabric to decorate

Template, pen, scissors, pins and sewing needle

Template here: Hughenden's gingerbread people template (PDF / 0.4169921875MB) download



Print out and then cut out the paper template

Pin the template to the felt sheet, draw around and cut out (twice, for the two sides)

Onto the front, sew seed beads for eyes and stitch on a smile 

Sew on buttons and/or fabric scraps to create an outfit

Line up the front and back (with face and decorations outwards)

Blanket stitch together around the edge 

Leave a small opening for stuffing

Stuff with toy filling and stitch up the gap.


Send us pictures of your creations via Facebook or Twitter 

Christmas workshop at Hughenden making gingerbread men