How we're supporting British makers

Glassblower Stewart Hearn works on his collection for the National Trust

We’re proud champions of heritage craft skills and promote UK makers through our Artisan and Craft retail collection. From established makers to emerging artists, we’ve worked with some of the best craftspeople in the UK.

Open Call Competition

Every year we introduce a new maker to our shops through our Open Call Competition. 

Working in partnership with the Crafts Council, we choose a talented maker to create a collection inspired by special places we care for.

The selected artist works with us to develop a range of handmade products exclusively for us. Every product bears the fingerprint of their maker and is rooted in the places that inspired them.  

Inspired by Wicken Fen

Last year we chose glassblower, Stewart Hearn as our Open Call winner. A master craftsman, Stewart created an exclusive collection of glassworks.

Featuring colours and patterns inspired by the Fenland we care for in Cambridgeshire, every piece is hand-blown in Stewart’s studio. 

The colours for this Glass Encalmo bowl were influenced by Wicken Fen Nature Reserve
Stewart Hearn Fenland Glass Encalmo Bowl for the National Trust
Stewart Hearn glassworks collection for the National Trust

Enter our 2017 Open Call 

Fancy having your own collection for sale in our shops and online? Our 2017 Open Call is now open. For more information or to apply, visit the Crafts Council website.

Emily Doran retail collection for the National Trust

Discover our Artisan and Craft collection 

From hand-thrown mugs to delicate vases, every product in our Artisan and Craft range is handmade in Britain. Learn more about the collection on our online shop.