Inspirational symbol of courage

Lion statue

At the top of the stairs at Chartwell stands a bronze lion, given as part of the Luxembourg Freedom Award in 1946.

The lion, a work by Luxembourg-born sculptor Auguste Trémont (1892–1980) is a reduction of one of the pair that stand outside Luxembourg City Hall, and was heralded as a fitting tribute to an intensely courageous man.

Sir Winston frequently used the power, bravery and strength of the lion as a metaphor to enhance his speeches. Perhaps it was this award’s striking presence at Chartwell that inspired his 80th birthday speech, in which he graciously recognised:

" If I found the right words you must remember that I have always earned my living by my pen and by my tongue. It was the nation and race dwelling all-round the globe that had the lion heart. I had the luck to be called upon to give the roar."
- Sir Winston Churchill
Churchill's miniature paintbox

A symbol of a lifelong passion 

Churchill found refuge in his painting. His miniature paintbox is one of the items we hope to secure for future generations.