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Russell  Smith

Explorer,  expedition  leader,  compère  extraordinaire  A  seasoned  adventurer  in  his  own right,  Russell  –  who  has  travelled  Lands  End–John  O'Groats  on  a  kick  scooter,  run home  from  Paris  to  London  and  traversedthe  widest  route  across  the  UK  on  foot  – will  MC  the  speakers'  tent  and  tell  some  tales  of  his  own.


Dave Cornthwaite

Introducing our headline speaker for Saturday night of Top of the Gorge festival, Dave Cornthwaite. Dave leads his ‘Yes Tribe’, an adventure cult of 5000 members.

His ongoing project is ‘Expedition 1000’ is an epic quest to complete 25 journeys of 1000 miles or more by non-motorised means. This quest has seen him conquer many a challenge, which included skateboarding across Australia, swimming the length of the Missouri river and riding his scooter across Japan. Join Dave on Friday and Saturday, he’ll be leading talks and workshops.

Sian Lewis

Author, journalist, blogger, surfer, adventurer, OS Get Outside Champ

Bristol-based author of the recently published book, The Girl Outdoors, Siân is an award-winning travel and outdoors writer, the editor of Snow and Active Traveller magazines, and a blogger with an obsession with surfing and other outdoor activities. Her work as an adventurous travel writer for the Independent, Evening Standard, BBC Countryfile Magazine and Coast has seen her exploring Bolivian jungles, kayaking in Greenland, climbing mountains in Africa and learning the hard way that peeing on a jellyfish sting doesn’t help in Thailand.


Ben Smith

401  Challenge  

Between  1  September  2015  and  5  October  2016,  Bristolian  Ben  Smith  completed 401 marathons  in  401  days  around  Britain.  Overcoming  a  fractured  back  (among  other physical  challenges)  he  ran  10,506.2  miles  (the  same  distance  from  London  to Sydney). Along the way he  visited  309  different  locations  on  the  UK  Mainland  and ultimately raised over  £315,000  for  two  amazing  charities,  Kidscape  and  Stonewall, who are  dedicated  to tackling  bullying.  

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